18 9 / 2012

How to naturally become an obedient cuck

Have you ever felt this intense desire to watch her fucking some else? Have you caught yourself having these thoughts more and more.

What would it be like, as you sit there, looking at her, with that look, her cunt filled with stranger cock. What do you hear her saying as she gives in more and more.. what do you see happening?

Follow along as I teach you to deeply desire and find that part of you that wants this now. As you follow my instructions, you will find that natural part of you becoming more and more of what you already are. A CUCK.

I will post instructions, you follow. I will break you. You need to prepare yourself NOW. You need to make this yours. You NEED to GET DOWN ON YOUR KNEES. You need to taste that sweaty salty cum filled cunt that she just been filled with. See that OZZING cunt, smell her of another man.. Hear her as she grabs your head and leads you to his seed.

As you find yourself thinking about this more and more and as you get more horny, FOLLOW this blog as you begin your TRAINING. Please do not take this step if you are not going to become intensely horny with the thought of seeing her with him again and again.